Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things 2 Minisode!

We had to do it. While we normally publish this podcast every two weeks, we just had to take a little extra time to chat about the show everyone is talking about: Stranger Things 2, now streaming on Netflix.

This minisode is intended for those who have seen all of Stranger Things 2 – there will be spoilers. You have been warned.

It’s been almost a year since Will returned from the upside down and he is experiencing some visions/hallucinations, in spite of his regular visits to Hawkins lab (where he is examined by none other than Paul Reiser). Everyone involved in Will’s ordeal is determined to keep what happened a secret, which is taking a toll on many of them. And Hopper is secretly taking care of Eleven in his cabin in the woods, but no one knows she’s there.

1:54 Where did you think Eleven went at the end of Season 1? Dead? In the Upside Down?

5:03 What do we think of the new characters? Mad Max (love), Billy (hate… maybe), Bob (love).

9:07 We grew up at the same time as Stranger Things takes place. That’s why it hits home for so many of us in our 40s!

12:55 Discussion of Nancy. She had a very realistic reaction and transformation.

14:33 Joyce and her protection of Will. We were frozen with fear, worried about Will.

15:43 Bob gives Will some advice. And Dustin finds the pollywog, but his love/pride for it blinds him to its dangers.

18:09 Eleven discovers that her mother is alive and sets out to find her. Fadra is not a fan of that story line and the Chicago scene where Eleven finds her “sister.”

20:30 Nancy & Jonathan make a plan. They get all Scooby Doo and decide to prove the lab is behind Barb’s death.

21:49 The tunnel drawings. Bob comes to the rescue and solves the puzzle.

23:02 Dustin & Steve bond. Probably our favorite episode. “Faberge Organics and 4 pumps of Farrah Fawcett Spray.”

26:02 What do we think of Kali/Eight? With her limited world experience, is it realistic that Eleven made her way to Chicago to find Kali? Are they setting up Kali as a character for Season 3?

29:10 RIP Bob. We are sad Bob died and we don’t understand the inconsistent behavior of the Demadogs…

31:00 The Gate. We needed the Chicago episode to help Eleven realize her full potential. The Mike/Hopper scene was fantastic, as was Eleven’s reveal with her bitchin’ clothes and hair.

33:00 Will there be a Season 3 of Stranger Things? There has to be. We make our predictions and share ideas of where they might go with Season 3 and beyond.

40:08 Final questions: Is Brenner still alive? Team Steve or Team Jonathan?