Sale Buy SOFTSPUN 340 GSM Microfiber Bath towel 1 piece Pink Online at Low Prices in India PA57671285
SOFTSPUN MICROFIBER TOWELS Very Soft - Excellent Absorption - Quick Dry - No Odor - Bacteria Free - Wrinkle Free - Easy To Wash - No Chemicals Required - No Bleach - Light Weight - Lasts Hundreds Of Washes - Economical SOFTSPUN Microfiber Is A Combination Of 80% Polyester & 20% Polyamide, With Fibers Approx 1/100 Of A Human Hair. Thus Creating A Fabric With Amazing Ability To Pick Up And Trap Dirt Coupled With Superior Absorbency And Scrubbing Power. SOFTSPUN Microfiber Unlike Cotton Cloths Require No Cleaning Agent (detergents, Soaps And Other Chemical Cleaners) To Dissolve The Dirt. So Essentially, If You Want A Cleaner Surface, Choose SOFTSPUN Microfiber! Why Choose SOFTSPUN Microfiber Over Cotton Towels/Cleaning Cloth? The Use Of Microfiber Is Growing In Popularity. Microfibers Are Completely Changing The Way People Clean Their Homes, Wash Their Cars, Mop Their Floors, Clean The Dishes, Crockery, Cutlery, Dry Their Pets, And Even Cleanse Their Bodies & Dry Their Hair. Cotton Is Like A Fishing Net With Large Holes. If You Scoop Sand, Dust Or Microscopic Germs They Escape Through The Large Holes Or Just Get Pushed Around. But, SOFTSPUN Microfiber Towel Catches The Sand, Dust, Microscopic Germs And Allergens Storing The Dirt And Dust. SOFTSPUN Microfiber Unlike Cotton Cloths A) Has Affinity To Oil That Allows Oil To Cling Directly To The Fibers. B) Absorbs 3-4 Times Its Weight Of Water, Being Hydrophilic. C) Uses Only Water To Clean, Needs No Cleaning Agents. D) Lasts As Much As 500 Washes Much More Than Cotton. E) Requires Less Water Than Cotton To Wash. F) Dries 3x Faster Than Cotton. APPLICATIONS: Where To Use SOFTSPUN Microfiber Cloths For Best Results: Use Wet For Cleaning And Dry For Dusting. Wring Out As Much Water As Possible When Wet Before Cleaning. This Increases Absorbency As Well As The Fiber S Ability To Pick Up Dirt And Residue. Kitchen: Clean Counter Tops, Cabinets, Floors, Stovetops And Stainless Steel Appliances. The Tiny Microfibers Do An Awesome Job Clearing Away Dirt And Food Residues As Well As Tackling Greasy Films And Messes. Glassware, Crockery & Cutlery: Cleans Like MAGIC, No Stains, No Smears. BAR: Clean Your Bottles, Wine Glasses, Steel Ware And See The Difference. Bathroom: Use In The Bathroom To Easily Remove Dirt And Residues From All Surfaces. Smooth Surfaces With A Shine: Windows, Mirrors, Chrome Fixtures, Granite And Other Shiny Surfaces Clean And Shine Easily. Dusting: Using Microfiber To Dust Is Wonderful! The Cloth Picks Up And Traps The Dust Rather Than Sending It Airborne. You Will Find You Have To Dust Less Often! Floors: Feel The Difference, Microfiber Leaves No Residue On The Floor. On Your Body: In Our Home We Don T Use Soap When We Bathe. Instead, We Use A Microfiber Body Cloth To Cleanse Our Bodies. I Wash My Face And Remove My Makeup With A Microfiber Facial Cloth. I Love It! I Ve Never Felt So Clean! It Can Take A Little Pep Talk To Convince People To Ditch The Soap, But Once They Do, They Rarely Go Back! Face: Makeup Cleaner: MICROFIBER CLOTHS COMPLETELY REMOVE MAKEUP With Just Water, GENTLY EXFOLIATE SKIN, REDUCE FINE LINES AND WRINKLES, DIMINISH ACNE, WHITEHEADS, AND BLACKHEADS, MINIMIZE SCARS, AND CLEAR CLOGGED PORES FROM DIRT AND BACTERIA ALL WHILE NOT DISRUPTING THE PH LEVELS IN YOUR SKIN. Remove Mascara! For Cleansing The Skin, Thoroughly Wet The Cloth With Warm Water And Gently Massage The Skin In Circular Motions Being Very Very Gentle Around The Eye Area. LEAVES SKIN MUCH SMOOTHER AND CLEARER USE Moisturizer After Cleaning For Dry Skin. NO MATTER WHAT YOUR SKIN TYPE OR COSMETICS THAT YOU USE, SOFTSPUNMICROFIBER CLOTHS ARE THE PERFECT INEXPENSIVE ADDITION TO ANY SKIN CARE REGIMEN. Hair Drying: Works Like Magic, Extracts Water Very Quickly Leaving Your Hair Dry & Smooth. Small Babies: Use For Bathing, Face Cleaning, Massage Pets: Hair Drying, Scrubbing Body, Sleeping Mat Stain Removal: Microfiber Can Remove Stains Using Only Water. Use On Upholstery, Carpeting, Walls, Countertops, Furniture, And Removed Stains From Clothing. Car Cleaning: Watch Your Car Shine The Paint Glass Chrome See It Shine No Lint Or Streaks. Computers/Mobiles/TV SCREENS Leaves Absolutely No Residue. LEATHER Shoes/Bags- Clean &Polish Them With Microfiber And See The Difference. As You Shop For Microfiber, Bear In Mind Microfiber Cloths Are Not Created Equal. SOFTSPUN Microfiber Offers An Amazing Quality Product At Very Competitive Prices. *Quick Microfiber Cloth Care Tip Clean With Warm Water And Laundry Detergent (eco-friendly Detergent Preferably) Without Any Fabric Softener.

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Buy SOFTSPUN 340 GSM Microfiber Bath towel 1 piece Pink Online at Low Prices in India PA57671285